Times like these call for a cool head.
In reaction lies polarized thinking that once made real can run your narrative right into the ditch. Keep out of the ditch. You get all stuck in there and needing a tow or some shit and you have to ask for help to get out? Shit, brah.
AKA: Level-5 of Man-Hell.
Just drive over the fucking cliff like James Dean would. What a drama-queen! Somewhere between James Dean and Hunter Thompson maybe but without acid and firearms. Words like an imminent threat-to-self by riding a motorcycle on a windy, treacherous road late at night in the rain with no helmet comes to mind, where the scene seems ridiculous but you get it. The road is there no matter what happens upon it. It connects everything but reflects nothing, a blank screen on which you cast shadows of black-on-blacktop. Just stay on the fuckin’ road. Keep out of the ditch. But ride that bitch hard into those turns and feel alive and crazy and invulnerable. That’s who you are. That’s why I love ya, man. You’re a hot mess and you aren’t afraid to look ridiculous and wear it like you own it.
And that proves the critical importance of detachment. Words do not define a person, they define ideas. Action is the only real thing that matters in the end. People say shit or write it but that doesn’t mean shit-to-a-tree because words freeze in time when typed. Thoughts change faster than emotion but both of them on their own are crafty motherfuckers. The garbage those two come up with! Emotion is like a thug and Thought his asshole lawyer.
But put the three of them together, heart-mind-body? Anything is possible. Separately, they lead away from and toward each other at once. I guess it depends on how you see things. Leading toward a center, spiraling with the stars around deep black maws pulling across time and space or outward into nothing and being cool with that. That’s not detachment, bro. That’s resignation.

My To Do List;

Make eye-contact with strangers and acknowledge their existence.
Spread dignity and elegance by smiling like you fucking mean it.
Listen generously.

My To DON’T List;

Don’t talk shit about the holidays.
Stop singing in public. Turn that goddam thing down.
DO NOT be an asshole on facebook.

So far, so good.
head in a vag

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