I admire the spirit of Tarzan. He knows exactly who he is, never wastes words, loves animals and nature and is utterly baffled by complicated people-shit.
And he would do Anything for Jane.
The metaphor of kindness and protector as natural attributes of being a Man appeals to me. It suggests that in simplification lies truth and harmony with the world and oneself. Men don’t go around abusing power and intimidation without cause, nor do they take pleasure in conflict. Unless they’re scared, and we all know scared dogs bite. Tarzan fears only people that harm others. Let that other shit slide. It all works out in the end, right?

Where Dragons Came From
Once, long ago the carp that lived in swift water came to a waterfall as they drew closer to the mountain. To find the place from where the water flowed was their sacred oath and the falls a wall with no door. The holy head-water was out of reach yet when they surfaced to see the sky above they could see the mountain and the stars…they knew where they must go.
“We must all leap together to cross the bridge-of-sky” said the white-black koi, the wisest of all the swift-water carp.
“We will swim through the sky because we must. Then, up the mountain we will see our oath fulfilled.”
And they all formed a dense ball that rolled against the powerful flow below the falls and never gained speed but their power thrust them upward.
Against all plausible possibilities in a scientific world, their bodies elongated as they rose thus leaving their powerful tails to hold fast to the water that gave them power.
As they rose, wings sprouted where fins had been and faces drew tighter to breathe the thin air and when their tails could no longer support them they swam into the sky.
To Dragons, the sea and sky are one. In the seam they swim, between worlds they fly.

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