Another Dick in the White House


So there’s a big protest against the election? Seems an odd idea that flies in the face of “peaceful transition.”
Nobody got cheated. Everybody’s responsible for understanding fundamental civics and the electoral college system all on their own. If you didn’t know about this, it’s on you. How could anyone even think protesting an election like this makes any sense? Some of this leftie crap is just embarrassing. Save it up for the showdown, kids. Soon, there will be peaceful demonstrations numbering in the thousands involving millions of your parents and they’ll probably let you crash in their tent. I would think at least a million could be mustered strategically, especially women. Very “1968.” Same showdown…
Dignity, people. Silence. A time to gather ourselves and ponder the shared view that unites us all: we’re ALL sick of the system, and we all deserve a shot at the American Dream.
Work it out from there. “The Whole World’s Watching,” indeed.
People are yelling at each other in public. Facebook’s a wasteland of hostile intransigents and I confess ;
I’ve lost my shit on social media several times. I’ve said angry things and insulted a few people, nearly all of them total strangers. To have something like that stuck on a public “wall” millions of people can see?
Yeah. I’m upset.
Some of my close friends and I disagree dramatically and hard words and broad brushes turn fences and bridges into walls of cold stone.  I’ve never started shit with someone in public. The very idea seems crazy to me.
Is posting on facebook any different than shouting at someone in traffic? Or being “that guy” in a public place?

I ask myself how’s that whole whip-smart-dick thing working out?  and the answer is just a cold, dark negative. I “get” Donald Trump all too well. I see the deep darkness in his form of masculine world-view because I’m a white male born the the fifties. Duh.

Only scared dogs bite, I’m told, and I can hear the snarling droolers out there dancing on the mojo-wire, hissing like fog being atomized on a high voltage wire.
A “white noise,” if you will.
As a white guy I tune it out, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be heard anyway. You see, I remember when a REAL dick was in power. A sore loser that held a grudge to a fault and personally abused the presidency to attack his perceived enemies and critics. He narrowly escaped prison by conspiring to have a congressman inserted to replace the prison bound VP. The republican quid pro quo?
Pardon that dick.
Well, they’re back in the saddle and charming as ever. They’ll pardon this one too, by and by. Any fool can see right through him. He’s as transparently “dick” and “crook” as Richard Nixon, and the demographics of his supporters are exactly the same and for the same reasons.  I laughed out loud when Cheeto blurted out “Law and Order!
The American presidency has been a swingin’ white-dick party all my life. Obama seemed a break from the white elite, but the inevitable ugliness following any rapid changes in social construct that doesn’t involve caucasian-english-speaking-uberdude-dominance is gonna blast a surge of White Power through the wire every damned time. Hear it? The civil war isn’t over quite yet, nor have the witch-burners ever gone away.
White guys are hunkerin’ down feeling threatened which always brings us ’round to the scab America keeps picking at…the one that got infected 400 years ago. That shit is nasty.
The “he’s a Muslim Kenyan, not an American citizen” people got their guy in the fucking white house.
And that huge number of white women that voted for Trump?

I didn’t see that coming.


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